What is Intuit Quickbooks?

Whether you’re a startup, sole operator or an established company, Intuit Quickbooks has the potential to transform your business life.

No longer are your financial records spread across different files locked in a single PC or inaccessible after hours or when you’re out of the office. Intuit Quickbooks brings all your financials together in one place and makes them available to you – and your accountant or bookkeeper – anytime, anywhere and on any internet-connected device.

Most importantly for busy small business owners, Intuit Quickbooks has been created specificallyto help make Financial management easier and more cost-effective than ever before – it’s simple to set up and use, provides you, your colleagues and your financial advisor with a crucial at-a-glance picture of your financial   position, and saves both time and money.

What can Intuit Quickbooks and The Tradie Accountant do for me?

We all know the 80-20 rule where you should spend 80% of your time doing the actual work and 20% on the big picture of marketing, business planning, etc. But in reality, how much of that 20% is eaten up with admin, time that could be spent on building your business?

In the cloud world, many of the business processes like invoicing, tracking bills, expenses and assets, account reconciliation, payroll and even tax returns are much more automated and can be handled within the one program.

Intuit Quickbooks also allows you to quickly create reports that can help you identify trends or potential pain points, giving you important business insights that empower you to take control of your finances and improve your operations.